Tuesday, October 6, 2009

[] greener [] pastures []

i completely underestimated the way 3,300 miles would change me
finding myself longing for simpler ways
less bustle more living for the moment
appreciating simpler things
like cast-shadows on the valley below
cows sprinkled on the rolling hills
a hinted smell of lavender
pulsing through the mountain stream below

there is an openness i'm having to create for myself
or recreate, as it were
harder to do amidst the twice-daily commutes on bike and in car
trying to allow more time for art
maintaining a space for my imagination
it holds me loosely enough
to continue exploring but close
enough to keep coming back

lately watercolors
with school, practicum, an assistantship, & life...
watercolors allow a quick, sure way
to make art
fluidity pushes my thoughts effortlessly across paper
allowing enough time to create a small and intimate place
for my thoughts to rest.

how do you make the time?

Monday, October 5, 2009

+++ CINNAMON +++

perhaps my afternoon coffee had something to do with this?
hunting items and photographs which give me the feeling of a season's turn
what does cinnamon remind you of?

i am zapped into a warm kitchen
my parents' house
early in the morning
when the light is dully reaching in
through the windows

hope you're feeling warm thoughts :)