Monday, December 27, 2010

tweet tweet :: likely and unlikely visitors

male cardinals are lighting the fresh snow
about 6 make constant visits, with their ladies, to my mother's feeders.

although they are common here - their plumage boasts greatly in winter

we also have an unlikely visitor for this time of year:
a couple of robins peeping from the trees
they nestle on the earth which house's heat has kept defrosted
(Patrick must think i'm a nut -
spending so much time with my camera to my eye -
trying desperately to get a nice picture of birds)

lovely to not busy myself with "should do's"
i'm simply enjoying feeding pound upon pound of seed
to these feathered beaus

Christmas was splendiferously busy
and felt wonderful
now it's time to hunker in and hibernate slightly.

keep warm,

Monday, December 20, 2010

finally feeling Christmas

it's a hard transition to go from full-force school & making
to relaxing and allow myself to nestle in
to the holiday season

i always worry that "feeling" wont come
without fail - it returns like the Midwestern snow cover
12 inches of snow on the earth's floor helps
however, the greatest way to achieve that Christmas warmth
is thinking of the people I love,
the year's blessings,
and the lingering hopes and long-shots of the future

mostly those people who I care about so deep in my heart
describing it does not come easy

so for now ---- i'm enjoying the time off --- and being with Patrick, my family & friends

hope the holidays are finding you well,