Friday, February 4, 2011

flores del mar - flowers from the sea

with this semester's lighter course-load (+ 3 snow days)
i'm able to devote time to exploring more in the studio.

i'm trying to give my unconsciousness voice
approaching the materials without a plan
responding instinctively to the metal, glass, and tools

an echo returned from my childhood
despite being a Midwestern girl now
my roots are connected to coastal life
New England and Florida are great pieces of my childhood

combing sand and surf,
when tides crept back to sea,
i'd investigate their forgotten pools
what wonder existed !
curious creatures, shapes, colors, and textures.

these joyful excursions have matured into my present work
they have been marinating for a few years

i let go
allowing the spontaneous
and less conscious parts of myself work

flores del mar - flowers from the sea
(thank you, Mari! she gave this piece a most fitting name)
i feel reminded of magic
kindled in spirit
overjoyed that my unconscious brought to existence such a pleasant piece
made by me... of copper, enamel, and oxidized silver

what childhood memories would find your work?