Sunday, June 28, 2009

weekend shop updates

newly being offered in my shop

they're sweet & simple, like much of my current collection.
these earrings feature domed copper discs which have been enameled and suspended from handmade sterling silver hoops. i have a few colors, which i'll be posting here and on flickr.
my favorite is the orchid color. ou la la! they remind me of the delicate purple orchids that dance on my mother's kitchen countertops

the versatility and light weight make these a style for any occasion.
easy dress up. and easy dress down.
in fact, i'm thinking of making myself a pair for an upcoming wedding this weekend...

good idea!

hope everyone's having a good weekend! mine's been nice & slow. just trying to avoid the heat... minus my 16-mile bike ride yesterday

Friday, June 26, 2009

gimme fresh & cool

OK, you got it, friends!

a perfect piece of handmade jewelry for all year round, but i'm feeling particularly into this piece's cool refreshing color and shape.

maybe it's the heat index of 105˚

this pendant features an intricately pierced piece of copper, which has been enameled on both sides to ensure it's wearer-friendly! One side in cool aqua blue, the other in a deep oceanic blue.

only one! and in shop now :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

scheduling self time

i suppose it's not exactly fun to read about the ways an artist struggles to create, or find the time to do so, but it's something we all go through, whether you're an artist or not. honest. it's common in many facets of our lives: postponing enjoyment with daily busyness

how do we find the time?
how often do we say "i'll do that tomorrow." "let me finish this one thing i have to do first." "i don't have time to do that."

when graduate school began i fooled myself to thinking i would have endless time to also create. i've learned that i need to MAKE to to MAKE THINGS! something inside myself is fulfilled in the process of creating something new --- in translating a sketch (my sketchbook has been bursting) to fruition.

so how do i get there? how do i take my sketches and make them reality instead of paper dreams? seems easy enough, right?

well, i'm going to schedule studio time. while that seems basic enough, it means that i have a designated time where i don't have to do anything else but create. by allotting myself that specific time, i'm giving it importance, and making it something i can't put off or allow to be taken over by the daily grind of school, work, and life.

what can you expect? NEW STUFF!!! :)

(product photos from michelemaule & boygirlparty on Etsy!)

Friday, June 5, 2009

75+ hours of work =

one happy girl with 2 awesome brooches/pendants

yeah, it may have taken hours on end, with many mishaps, cracks, flows, and chips along the way...
but i have finally completed my two first Champleve enamel pieces!!


The first piece here is one that reminds me of earth. The photograph does little justice, but if it were a good photo you might be able to see the engravings I made on the bottom layer of fine silver. Here, I have engraved a rocky landscape texture, which shines from underneath the transparencies of the enamel. The layers of colors ensure that no area was left unexplored in the process of creation, and give your eye plenty to move around. I finished the piece by oxidizing the silver, creating a dark charcoal background, from which the brightness of the glass shines through.

This second piece probably took the most time to create. It's easily the most curious piece of jewelry I've made to date, and somewhere I'd like to continue to visit.
I decided not to do any engraving textures in the fine silver for this piece, but rather, let the coloration and lines of silver do all the talking.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

i'm making things again!

yes yes, it's actually been a while since i've had creative studio time. sadly, sometimes as an artist ou go through the creative ebbs and flows in the process. when i started grad school, it seemed that with time divvied between commuting, classes, reading, writing, and practicum, there was little zeal to expand my artistic horizons.

but now i'm back in metals studio, learning new techniques...
not the easy way (i never do), but rather through trouble-shooting and many hours of research and practice.

my metals skills were never top notch, so i'm brushing up and taking in.

these are some pictures of a piece i'm making in the Champlevé enameling technique.
these show you some of the first steps of the process.
just a couple little images show you the sketch that i first made... then hand-sawed that image in sterling silver... followed by creating a background for the pierced piece.
the two pieces of sterling are then soldered together, cleaned up really well, and then enamel is carefully packed into the recesses (or "fields"[champ in champleve]), and fired repeatedly.

currently, i'm guessing i've fired the piece at least 10 times.
all i have left to do is make the finding to solder on the back.
the plan is to make this a convertable brooch/necklace, so that its owner has the option of wearing this piece either way!

mind you, i'm planning on finishing this piece up today. it's been 70+ hours in the making.... so i've grown a little attached to it ;)

...more photos to come...

alrighty, i'm off to the studio! happy creating!!