Monday, December 27, 2010

tweet tweet :: likely and unlikely visitors

male cardinals are lighting the fresh snow
about 6 make constant visits, with their ladies, to my mother's feeders.

although they are common here - their plumage boasts greatly in winter

we also have an unlikely visitor for this time of year:
a couple of robins peeping from the trees
they nestle on the earth which house's heat has kept defrosted
(Patrick must think i'm a nut -
spending so much time with my camera to my eye -
trying desperately to get a nice picture of birds)

lovely to not busy myself with "should do's"
i'm simply enjoying feeding pound upon pound of seed
to these feathered beaus

Christmas was splendiferously busy
and felt wonderful
now it's time to hunker in and hibernate slightly.

keep warm,

Monday, December 20, 2010

finally feeling Christmas

it's a hard transition to go from full-force school & making
to relaxing and allow myself to nestle in
to the holiday season

i always worry that "feeling" wont come
without fail - it returns like the Midwestern snow cover
12 inches of snow on the earth's floor helps
however, the greatest way to achieve that Christmas warmth
is thinking of the people I love,
the year's blessings,
and the lingering hopes and long-shots of the future

mostly those people who I care about so deep in my heart
describing it does not come easy

so for now ---- i'm enjoying the time off --- and being with Patrick, my family & friends

hope the holidays are finding you well,

Thursday, November 25, 2010

SALE time!!!

can't believe it's that time of year again.

a small gift from me to you...
i'm offering 20% off all orders

starting 12:00am 11/26 through 11/29 (11:59pm)

just use coupon code: VEsale2010

let your pals know.
x's & o's

Monday, November 15, 2010

here comes the bride

a good friend had me create these
7 necklaces for her wedding party

i'm revealing them to her tomorrow
and hope she likes the final outcome !

managed to not break too many saw blades 0;)

Monday, November 8, 2010

letting things come naturally

i've been playing with these earrings (or the idea of them) for a while now.
making little trinkets for me
with no purpose but to observe and collect
but these popped up 3 weeks ago.
they've finally translated into wearables!
in the meantime i'd been debating on selfishly keeping them

and have decided, that i wish for them to find a new happy dwelling.
as such, these little fellows will be listed later this evening.

on a different note: 4 weeks of classes remain this semester
i'm ready for a little rejuvenation in the studio!


:: edit ::
i'm having a hard time putting these up.
but will do so tonight! promise!

Friday, November 5, 2010

and the sky opened up

what a gift last night :

on my way home from doing my first lecture
(which was enjoyable. yay!)
i looked up from my commute...
having to stop immediately

clouds were moving quickly as was the sun
only minutes exist at this time of evening
it was pause or pass

obviously, i paused. got out of my car
breathed in deeply
the wind helped rush the cool air into my lungs
filling them up effortlessly

i wish for more moments like these
where i feel connected to natural elements
even in the city


Friday, October 22, 2010

Fresh from zee Kiln

I'm infatuated with the autumnal colors right now. They're popping up in my drawings and definitely in my studio. so happy to work with a medium which allows me to try translating nature's colors into wearables :)

You can find them here, in my shop

Hope your weekend so spent enjoy the outdoors!
We're heading to watch my little brother play ruby tomorrow.
(likely in the rain and mud... which makes for an interesting event)


Monday, October 18, 2010

more in store: filling the virtual shelves

good news: these little beauties just hit the shop this evening :)

other news:. i miss my torch.
i'm bringing it back after the weekend.

the torch I use in the university's studio is out-of-commission
it's left me feeling unsettled and unsure of my technique
funny how quick i get to know equipment as a collaborator in the process.

i depend on it being constant and predictable
a flame to companion my work

yes, there are other torches available here.
however, these are far too cumbersome and hot for the precise work i need
i worry about disappointing my buyers

it is a heavy feeling.
i want each person to enjoy their purchase
creations from my mind, heart, and hands

can't wait to travel 200 miles to get that little flame!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

into the woods

i needed a getaway this weekend.
this semester i feel pulled in many directions.
- all i want to do is make art and be with the man i love -

nature has been a refuge. on days when i feel low. i head for the hills, lake, willow tree.
anywhere outside.
thank God this October we've been blessed with the most pleasant weather.

the smell of fall is something to look forward to
earth leaving us with a senses overload
before it hibernates

Patrick and I took a brilliant hike this weekend...
colors, sounds, and smells were incredible.

Patrick was a trooper. tiring of my taking his photo
(i can't help it... we only get to see each other on weekends during the school year. i need photos)


hope the season is treating you well!

Friday, October 8, 2010

weekend home

one (of many) great things about home is
having Lucy around.
Mom and I sat outside for lunch...
Lucy posing in the flowerbed, asking for a nibble

the frosted lips and hints of silver in her brows
start to reveal her age
but don't be fooled
she'll bolt for squirrels and whatever rodents dare the yard
and persistently ask to play frisbee

can't get her to hold still for too long
she was off with the curious sighting of a butterfly

quite a companion, thought i'd introduce her here

hope you have a joyous weekend!

Friday, October 1, 2010

must keep creating - nurturing the artist's soul

sweet sassy molassey - school's been uber busy this semester.
leaving me little time to hop online or the studio.
how about a few 12-hour + days in a row?

i'm making a giant effort to stay connected to my creative side though.
here's a recent happening, fresh from the kiln and into the shop

nice to have some new things to show :)
despite the hustle from here and there

hope you all have a fantastic weekend !

Friday, September 17, 2010

artist playtime: allowing for time to make non-functional work

we artists need to make things that are our own. from time to time.

i am always enthused to see my work journey around the country and globe -
to be enjoyed by the caring hands (ears & necks) of others.
little pieces of me going where i never dreamed of.

but sometimes... i need to PLAY
lose the deliberateness and thought that goes into making something for someone else to enjoy

these are what have popped up over the last 2 years in my sacred
"play time"

they remind me of things i've collected while combing the beach,
hiking on trails, or happened upon in gardens.
nothing really in particular.
not functional.
just created for the pure enjoyment
of their shape, color, and texture.

do you ever create things without "purpose?"
just for the pure enjoyment.

Lynsey xx

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

inspiration quest: Re: thenoisyplume

after reading "The Quest"
my thoughts were melting
from worries and what-if's
to wonder.

my daydreams floated freely into my awareness
desires rediscovered
and one of those was to make time for myself to paint.

i kept imagining all the wonderful things this world has to offer

it feels weightless
to dream
this painting is a dedication of sorts
each delicate stroke
to the writings which continually inspire me to pursue a quests
embracing what is
and what can be

Thank you x

Friday, August 13, 2010

a soft love: new handmade enamel heart necklace

i've made this necklace in pink, red, and white
which are pretty. i happily wear mine.
but something said to move away from the expected colors
(not to mention i've been working w/ cool hues all summer)

and so this little sweetie has arrived:

i've had such a good summer in the studio
that it'll be hard to leave

i want to keep making
but between classes, school work, internship, job, a long-distance love, and Etsy...
oh yeah : my Thesis
it leaves little creative room

so i plan on setting small goals:
create one item a month
yes, it's a small goal...
a start though.!
(a minimum self-quota... which i hope to far surpass)

how do you find the time?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

cooling down from the kiln: new jewelry

i'm keeping my hands and heart busy

these are some new happenings
fresh from my steaming studio

don't know if it's the 95+ degree weather
or my longing for the seaside

but this color is hitting the spot

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

whew! a great start to Wednesday morning!

glad i woke up early this morning.

had a nice cup of coffee with my mom
we sat outside, still cool from the storms last night
there were appropriate amounts of silence
and conversation
we watched the hummingbirds tend their flowers and sugar water
as we sipped from our mugs

i came inside to find my new enamel earrings were featured on the front page of etsy!
as if that wasn't good enough...
the treasury i made was featured later on!

good start to hump-day!
now it's time to package a few goodies
and then off to see my man :)

hope your Wednesday goes well!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

missing my studio.

it's 97.8°F and humid today

July & August have been nearly the same forecast
with the exception of a few select days

wouldn't be so terrible... but my studio happens to be at nature's whim
[no temperature control there]

and so on these sweltering days, all i do is dream of firing the kiln
floating saw blades through metal
and bring pieces to life.

luckily i snagged the opportunity last week
when a slight break offered up 86-degree days (two in a row!)

these were born:

they remind me of the ocean's secret waters
perhaps in a cove
where visitors do not frequent

doesn't that sound refreshing?!
perhaps a creative mirage
but i'll take it!!

enough whining, lynsey.

how about you? ...are you keeping cool?
or is the entire continent boiling?
what about you... in another country?


p.s. no developments on my parents
we're all in limbo
but there's a lot of love here
to keep us safe

... thank you. for your thoughts, prayers, and words!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

keeping steady - sand pulls beneath my feet

it's been a difficult couple weeks, and it's not usual for me to open so personally in my writings.
but i feel i must.

my father left my mother
nearly 30 years of marriage
completely unexpectedly.

(i was in town visiting when it happened. this is an extended visit on account of these events)
my heart aches for my mother,
who desires to grow old with my father

we are confused, angry, sad
emotions come in waves
ever changing

an image comes to mind:
i'm wading in the ocean
the tide rushes
sand is swept from under my toes
for a second it feels as though i shall fall or be swept away
then my feet steady themselves.

i want to be a rock for my mother
i wish to understand my father
it is a time of uncertainty
but i know we till get through it

may these muddied waters will grow clearer over time

for now we're hold on to each other
looking for beauty wherever we can
this was a lovely gift the other night:


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

seeing it through - exploring new designs

this summer has been a welcome friend
one i haven't seen in some time
but the kind you relate to instantly
despite years apart

she's open and adventurous
no rushes or pressures

the luxury of playing has returned
and i DO mean playing
creating in my studio has been rejuvenating

i'm exploring new territories
and the excitement seeps from the kiln
fusing itself to the copper
existing almost as if nature
it was meant to be there

how's your summer play?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

soft summer whispers

i'm feeling more gentle than usual

wearing earrings more soft
beautiful shades,
laces and ruffles

these are my new little favs in shop
sigh... light, glowing, effervescent

in cleaning my old room at my parents' house
i came across some of my poetry
what a terrific reminder to set time aside
to observe and imagine

i'm hoping to write a bit more this summer
perhaps in my dainty earrings
with a glass of sun tea :)

hope your July is going swimmingly!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Queen Anne's Lace : ode to the fields of summer

one of the many things i enjoy about etsy is the option of creating
a tribute of sorts
to the lovely items and artists
a "Treasury"

inspired by last weekend at "the farm"
and the oceans of Queen Anne's Lace...
i created this collection:

now, i haven't created a treasury in a while...
but i have hopes this little beauty
may make it to the front pages
to be enjoyed by many!

hope you're staying cool!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

here we go : pictures from the farm 2010

finally snagged a few photos from our farm trip
the skies were endlessly beautiful

as were the bluffs, meadows, river, pond, and trails through the forest
and a puppy friend who found us along the way

i need land
exciting to think in the not too distant future
there will be a place of earth
where Patrick and I will call our home

Monday, July 12, 2010

a weekend of blue country skies

just returned from a lovely getaway on a remote Missouri farm

i n c r e d i b l e

the weather was more than cooperative
allowing us to flock on the path to and from the river
spend hours floating in the lake

and at night wonder how big the universe is
as our eyes ponder the Milky Way
shooting stars and planets

i wish photos could do justice to the sunsets and starlight

perhaps unrelated... but certainly an ode to the open blue sky
i created these enameled stud earrings
(of which i proudly own a similar pair)

i managed to use my beer to

any adventures on your end this weekend?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

pretty things before the weekend

catch a glimpse of these
my mother has grown the most beautiful hydrangea blossoms

and we're praying they are here next June
Patrick and I have set our wedding date for June 25, 2011 !

and wouldn't it be nice if these could make an appearance?
i love everything about these...
their petals, shape, and color

after some bargain hunting
my collection of tiny glass vases is well underway
ah, the kitchen is full of cuteness at the moment.

i'm tickled...

ah, yes, we Phelps love a good pun

hope everyone has a blessed weekend!
i'm off to a little getaway with some pals


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Walking Barefoot in the Grass : summer goodness

walking barefoot in the dirt and grass is something i long for
especially when i'm stuck in the city for too long
sometimes the will is so strong when i drive home from campus
i'll pull over to a remote road
open the doors and plop my feet onto the Midwest's floor

i'm not sure exactly what it is
but i feel more connected to myself
the world
and the people i love
so simple really
all it requires is a moderately picked up lawn or field
and your willingness to kick off those shoes
perhaps your sole will get dirty
but not your other one
if yours is like mine
it needs the soil

the tickle of grasslings
sunshine warmth

so thankful summer is here!

what's something you get the urge for in the summer?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

feeling sweet : new enamel post earrings

ladylike or daring?

perhaps it's all in the way you wear them

i had fun playing around with a pair i made (for me!)

a large enamel stud earring pair
these have my earlobes adorned
i feel refined... even the old shirt being worn

it's so refreshing getting ample time to hop in the studio
i want to continue
and discovering

armed with saw blades, files, and a kiln
i'm sure there's more to come
this summer

how's your summer going so far??


Monday, June 28, 2010

Century Bike Ride: 100 miles of storms and sun

i underestimated how difficult it would be to ride 100 miles though.
(thinking we both did)

we began pedaling around 7:40am...
made it about 10 miles when a wave of severe thunderstorms rolled in
we sought shelter beneath the cover of a local's barn
(thank you, kindest sir!)

after waiting half an hour for the storm to ease
lightning and thunder passed
Patrick and i seized the opportunity to ride through the rain

we made it another 10 miles
stopped for a rest... and noticed Patrick's tire had a slow leak
replaced the tube and were off again
through the Illinois countryside

my legs felt great! we were flying past other cyclists
another 10 miles (or so) down the road
my revolutions suddenly felt lagged
where was the strength?
maybe it was the headwind?
i pushed on... hoping to overcome this stretch

then i looked down and noticed my flat tire
(it was a relief to know it was the sagging rubber slowing me down, not any lack of strength so early in our 100 miles)

changed. and onward!!

luckily these were our only two flats.
we pressed forward together
through pain
through wind
and sun

i found it almost metaphorical when we traded pulling and drafting
we can always rely on each other
to be strong when one needs support
pulled through something difficult

going it together

we do have some nasty sunburns
we're tired
but boy-oh-boy do we feel wonderful!

any adventures you've done lately??