Friday, August 13, 2010

a soft love: new handmade enamel heart necklace

i've made this necklace in pink, red, and white
which are pretty. i happily wear mine.
but something said to move away from the expected colors
(not to mention i've been working w/ cool hues all summer)

and so this little sweetie has arrived:

i've had such a good summer in the studio
that it'll be hard to leave

i want to keep making
but between classes, school work, internship, job, a long-distance love, and Etsy...
oh yeah : my Thesis
it leaves little creative room

so i plan on setting small goals:
create one item a month
yes, it's a small goal...
a start though.!
(a minimum self-quota... which i hope to far surpass)

how do you find the time?

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