Monday, March 16, 2009

...season of sprout...

i woke up and heard the day's forecast:
sunny and upper 60's

on my drive to school i noticed things were perhaps a little more green than the week before. the buds on the trees are slowly revealing themselves, as are the lovely spring flowers and daffodils.

creating a new treasury capturing this budding beginning was refreshing:
kudos to those who are starting their seedlings for their summer gardens.
i hope you're seeing sprouts!
honestly, i'm a tad jealous and lacking a yard... but i very well may create a little garden on my fire escape stoop.
typing it out has just convinced me to do so. :)

hope you all are having a day of sunshine!


Friday, March 13, 2009


One of my guilty pleasures on Etsy (besides buying handmade goodies or course) is finding time to make treasuries! With school and 2 practicums this semester... it's made my timing abilities to snag a spot nearly impossible. So when I do get the chance, I've got to share the excitement!

Lucky me, stumbled into the treasury just as a spot was opening, and so this is what was created:

Birches are such beautiful treasures in nature, and it seemed fitting to create an entire treasury for them in an online space too. yay Etsy Birches! These artists all did such a wonderful take on the essence of these beautiful white trees. Some birches in the forest, some up-close with the grain, texture and knots, others with the flaky white bark, and even some soft cuddly birch pillows. Hope you enjoy the collection!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Valentine's Day... part 2 ... way overdue!

WOW! it's been quite a busy semester with school, so I'm apologizing for my less than consistent bloggering in late Feb/March. However, Valentine's day happenings were too sweet not to at least show you some pictures and let you know what we did!

While the entire day was wonderful (not everyday do I get to spend with Patrick), our date at Bailey's Chocolate Bar in St. Louis was beyond delicious! The atmosphere could not be more romantic if it tried. Red plush walls, sweet aromas, and candlelight *swoon*

Starting with a couple signature evening drinks, I had the milk chocolate martini, and he had the black and red (i think). Food-wise, we decided to eat dinner later that night... and skipped straight to dessert!

Sharing the "Lover's Plate- Aphrodisiacs - Taste for Tw0," we enjoyed

Cherry chocolate mousse, spicy truffle, fruit truffle, dark espresso truffle, caramelized banana, strawberries, nuts, honey mead, al served with a warm spiced dark chocolate sauce & a warm white chocolate lavender sauce for “dipping & sharing.”

I N C R E D I B L E !!!

I got a cavity just thinking about how good it was...

So yeah, Valentine's day was blessed with the most wonderful man I could imagine & a plate full of aphrodisiacs! ;)