Wednesday, August 26, 2009

. allowing time .

with school slowly beginning this week... the calendar pages are quickly filled.
appointments here and there. school. assistantship *thank goodness*. practicum.
yes, sometimes i need to leave space for nothing else to interrupt

in a meeting today we circulated around the idea of seeing and time
how quickly our pace is as a society
as individuals
fostering the question :

do we allow enough time to really see objects in the world?

sometimes we need to slow down and truly experience
not take a photo,but instead take a moment to look
see. interact. experience.

these are the moments we live more fully
more so than in snapping a picture
or quickly checking a list

i hope that i can slow myself
be more mindful & in the moment
perhaps this seems unreasonable for grad school functioning?
but life is much more than books and articles.
life is to be interactive & engaging

hope you find time to slow down and enjoy and experience you days and nights


Saturday, August 22, 2009


good morning, glories!
today the backyard is abuzz with a handful of hummingbirds
a spectacular sight and extraordinary creature

these recent years... well, it's like being a hummingbird.
dancing quickly from place to place
wings beating so fast they fade into the background

i have another 200 miles to travel today
soon i'll be able to rest my wings for a short while
settling in to the daily schedule
schedules which are monotonously comforting
at times
and at others, routinely boring

this year to keep the routine from becoming too predictable
i want to keep my spirit dancing
with plenty of time to create
to experiment
learn new things
and remember to rest my beating wings when they tire

here's to the balance we all seek...


Thursday, August 20, 2009

... chasing discovery ...

i need to exhaust my lungs today.
they miss climbing mountains.
cool water. fresh air. pine.
. him .

miles between here and there
sometimes i feel torn between the places i am
and those i desire to be
guilty, to not be content with the present moment

perhaps it is the impermanence of being a student
discovering what it is i call home
is it here?
where i was?
where i long to be?
at least i know when i feel at home

something feels undone
or unsaid
or perhaps undiscovered
as if on the verge of finding some great perspective
or new strength

today my body needs to test itself
sweat & breathe hard
i feel connected to myself that way
the restlessness will then be dealt with in my studio
perhaps it will churn new exciting creations

so by tomorrow,
i hope there is something new and exciting
to give to the world.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

where we roam...

words and pictures can do little justice for how incredible our 11-day trek West was.
for now, i'll attempt to intertwine a few of the experiences on my favorite hike up to Surprise and Amphitheater Lake on the Grand Teton.

and so i'll let my thoughts go uncensored...
disobeying a usual writing format, hoping to give you how any given moment felt up in the snow-cap mountains:

camp-weighted, we traversed 1,300 miles Westward
pavement repetitiously pushed us further along towards unknown
magnificently stretched mountains greeted us
point reflections in the alpine waters beneath
hastily chosen hike: 9.8 miles. 9,698 elevated ft.

we brought ourselves places. persuaded our breaths to climb higher.
begged-legs and salted brow.
breath-taking views in thinner air
rationing our sips of water
hours like minutes

upward, the trail began to level.
reaching the mountain's bed where treasures were hidden
glaciers melted concerns
into crystalline mountain lakes
their waters of snow and ice, warmed by the closeness of sunlight

the sun stretched closer to the edge of the summit
with daylight perspectives closing
we gathered what will there existed to leave this incredible place
there is a piece of us tucked away in the amphitheater
three pieces tall
modest . appreciative . quiet .
but existent nonetheless
on the Grand Teton, is a wholeness we're certain to revisit

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

...and We're off!!!

this is it! my last breath of technology for nearly 2 weeks! Patrick and I are taking a week and a half road/camping trip together Westward to Yellowstone!
here's the parting image from dear Lucy (my chocolate lab!)

she spys suitcases and immediately knows something's up...
the resulting image: Lucy always parks it strategically behind my car so i can't leave.

she's also the culprit who pretended to have the urge to pee for 15 minutes as week promenaded around the yard's perimeter.

i will miss Lucy too! :(

anywho... just wanted to say fair-well & hope everyone has a delightful couple weeks!
i'll be missing you, but will be coming back with many a tale to tell :)
it's Patrick & my first trip out West... we're hoping not to meet too many bears along the way... only from a distance.

adventurously yours,

Saturday, August 1, 2009

up excitment! down prices! 25%-40% off

hello lovelies!
some exciting news to speak of this morning...
(disclaimer: this is my first video)

while patrick and i are reading ourselves for our trip across the West, my shop is also preparing to be on vacation for a couple weeks.

so now there's a very special offer: almost every piece in my shop is on sale at 25%-40% off.
i've only had one other sale in my shop, so that will tell you how often these chances come about.
hope you're able to take advantage of this special event, & give these handmade enamel pieces some wonderful homes!
did i put enough links for you to find my jewelry? here you are, friends:

thanks so much!
x's & o's!~