Friday, September 17, 2010

artist playtime: allowing for time to make non-functional work

we artists need to make things that are our own. from time to time.

i am always enthused to see my work journey around the country and globe -
to be enjoyed by the caring hands (ears & necks) of others.
little pieces of me going where i never dreamed of.

but sometimes... i need to PLAY
lose the deliberateness and thought that goes into making something for someone else to enjoy

these are what have popped up over the last 2 years in my sacred
"play time"

they remind me of things i've collected while combing the beach,
hiking on trails, or happened upon in gardens.
nothing really in particular.
not functional.
just created for the pure enjoyment
of their shape, color, and texture.

do you ever create things without "purpose?"
just for the pure enjoyment.

Lynsey xx