Monday, July 27, 2009


a hot hello from St. Louis today!
(well... not too unseasonably hot)

this past weekend was b-u-s-y.
moved into my new apartment, which happens to be less than a block away.
i have a wonderful roommate now too!

the greatest hardship was lack of AC during the weekend.
luckily i think it's up and running again.
*wipes sweat from brow*

in honor of the return to coolness... i'm featuring these handmade icy blue enamel pieces today!
hope you all enjoy & keep cool

Monday, July 20, 2009

Living Large (in a sense)

by no means am i living large... but my newest prints sure are.!
i was a bit ambitious creating these 16"x64" woodblock prints... as our longest press bed is only 45". with the help of Todd Anderson, my printmaking teacher extraordinare, we put together an extended press bed

i've been spending hours upon hours in the studio. thank you to Patrick for being so patient as i am living in the printmaking studio. it's uncommon for me to leave the studio before 9pm.... and i've been known to stay as late as 4am. yeah... that was a sleepy drive home.

this is my last week of printmaking... which bittersweet.
ending this intensive summer course is both a relief (time-wise) and difficult (bc it's challenging me as an artist).

i'll be able to grocery shop again with all this time! yesterday was 100% out of coffee, and so desperate that i reheated some leftovers from the previous morning. true.

alas, when it's all said and done, i've acquired a great skill-set for woodcut prints and the desire to push myself in my art.

next on the agenda is marking off that giant 'to do' list so that when Patrick and i on our roadtrip West... there's not a thing on my mind but enjoying some much needed time together. x

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Midnight Oil

hi all!
i have a second to let you know what i'm up to... and am excited to show you my first multiple-block woodcut print!

currently in printmaking class, we're working with carving wood to create these lovely printing blocks. the imagery is always up to the creator, but this assignment asked us to use at least four different overlaying woodblocks & to play with colors. (no black ink allowed)

i might do a little show & tell about the process and what each step looks like later on, but for now, here's the final product. not the best photo, but you get the idea of overlapping color and images to create interesting changes and gradients of color and shape.

although i was in the studio till 4 am... working 10-14 hour days, i'm so happy the midnight oil paid off!

hope you all had a great 4th!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to Canada!

Here's to you O' CANADA!
I'll be wearing my sweet little maple leaf necklace all day, and for the occasion have marked it do [today only] by more than 20%! This piece is on special sale for today only to get you in the spirit of our great neighbors to the North!

A little about the pendant, it's a handmade maple leaf, which captures a delightful sense of warmth, color, and beautiful glow of Autumn/Fall. I've done this in a special transparent enamel, allowing a subtle shimmer when the light reflects just right.

Enameling, put in its simplest terms is fusing of glass to metal at temperatures of around 1500 degrees F.
The pendant measures just about .75" (shy of 2mm)and hangs from a 18" sparkling sterling silver chain.

Hope you enjoy the day!