Monday, July 20, 2009

Living Large (in a sense)

by no means am i living large... but my newest prints sure are.!
i was a bit ambitious creating these 16"x64" woodblock prints... as our longest press bed is only 45". with the help of Todd Anderson, my printmaking teacher extraordinare, we put together an extended press bed

i've been spending hours upon hours in the studio. thank you to Patrick for being so patient as i am living in the printmaking studio. it's uncommon for me to leave the studio before 9pm.... and i've been known to stay as late as 4am. yeah... that was a sleepy drive home.

this is my last week of printmaking... which bittersweet.
ending this intensive summer course is both a relief (time-wise) and difficult (bc it's challenging me as an artist).

i'll be able to grocery shop again with all this time! yesterday was 100% out of coffee, and so desperate that i reheated some leftovers from the previous morning. true.

alas, when it's all said and done, i've acquired a great skill-set for woodcut prints and the desire to push myself in my art.

next on the agenda is marking off that giant 'to do' list so that when Patrick and i on our roadtrip West... there's not a thing on my mind but enjoying some much needed time together. x


morgan said...

Words can not explain how much excitement I have for the time we will get together!

VerreEncore said...

17 days... then we're outta here! :)

Two Bees said...

VERY nice work!

VerreEncore said...

yay! thank you :)

Linda Dubin Garfield said...

your work is lovely. i love the elongated images. i too am a printmaker. i also do mixed media. i have a blog at and a website at which i am in the process of updating. i try to update every few months since i do it myself on my mac. i also design websites for artists thru smART business consulting. nice to "meet" you.