Thursday, January 29, 2009

3's company too...

hi friends!

well, the snow is... shoveled, plowed, bucketed (i didn't have a shovel so i literally bucketed my car out of its parking space), and real life has resumed.

i've been meaning to introduce these new necklaces for a while now...
and now's a good a time as any

so here's something new you'll find at VerreEncore
the trios

these little handmade goodies feature beautiful splashes of color, in a perfect combination of 3.
dainty, delicate, and playful :)
hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MO white out!

good morning!

it's another beautiful wintery day here in Missouri! yesterday seemed to have more ice, but today the ground is a powdery white. here's the view from my window

the perks of being enrolled in school during the winter:
2 consecutive snow days!

while i love learning & working hard... nothing feels as magical as waking up, looking across a white blanketed earth, and realizing you can just crawl back into bed and snuggle up with a warm down blanket and a hot cup of coffee.

so what to do on a 2nd day off? yesterday i took a few photos and caught up on reading and school projects. living it up, i know.

i predict that today will be much the same. potential to get ahead on my readings for the following week. make a few hot meals. & drink plenty a cup of tea!

other than that, i've got a pretty good window for people watching. always interesting to see ways in which people approach the snow. some go about normally, others flail with missed steps, weeble and wobbling along the attempted-shoveled pathways... my favorite this morning was a boy out throwing snowballs for his dog to fetch. the dog was excited, but completely confused when the ball disappeared into the snowfall.

happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

well hello sweethearts!

could it be that time again? i love you's, mushy cards, bouquets of roses, heart-shaped boxes full of mystery-middled chocolates?

sure enough. Valentine's Day is coming up quick. while there's no need to get head over heels with the commercialized hype... it's nice to reflect on what the day can mean to you and your loved ones.

whether you have a significant other or not,
keeping love in our hearts is one of the best things we can do living today.

so let your thoughts be courageous, words be soft, and your heart be tender.

i've included a few of my handmade heart designs here too. wear them in remembrance to keep love in your heart... or a sweet reminder to someone that you care


Monday, January 26, 2009

back in ACTION!

hey friends!
Wow, so this year has been an exhilarating ride! While I'm sorry to admit I've neglected being a diligent blogger, that's something I hope to soon change.

Time for a quick catch-up? I think so!

Here we go:
I was accepted into graduate school for SIUE's Art Therapy Counseling program
I'm head over heels in love with Patrick... (side note: Etsy will be running our "love story"... stay tuned)
When I'm not buried in literature, classes, or practicum you'll find me traveling up Chicago to see Patrick, or busy creating new enameled jewelry.

This year has been a blessing, and I hope that with enough hard work and luck... 2009 will prove to be just as wonderful.

It's my goal to keep you in the know on a more regular basis. !

I'll leave you with one of my recent popular additions to the shop,
the Tiny Accent Enamel Pebble Necklace (see modeled pic as well):

Hope you all enjoy! Stay tuned for more...