Wednesday, August 18, 2010

inspiration quest: Re: thenoisyplume

after reading "The Quest"
my thoughts were melting
from worries and what-if's
to wonder.

my daydreams floated freely into my awareness
desires rediscovered
and one of those was to make time for myself to paint.

i kept imagining all the wonderful things this world has to offer

it feels weightless
to dream
this painting is a dedication of sorts
each delicate stroke
to the writings which continually inspire me to pursue a quests
embracing what is
and what can be

Thank you x

Friday, August 13, 2010

a soft love: new handmade enamel heart necklace

i've made this necklace in pink, red, and white
which are pretty. i happily wear mine.
but something said to move away from the expected colors
(not to mention i've been working w/ cool hues all summer)

and so this little sweetie has arrived:

i've had such a good summer in the studio
that it'll be hard to leave

i want to keep making
but between classes, school work, internship, job, a long-distance love, and Etsy...
oh yeah : my Thesis
it leaves little creative room

so i plan on setting small goals:
create one item a month
yes, it's a small goal...
a start though.!
(a minimum self-quota... which i hope to far surpass)

how do you find the time?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

cooling down from the kiln: new jewelry

i'm keeping my hands and heart busy

these are some new happenings
fresh from my steaming studio

don't know if it's the 95+ degree weather
or my longing for the seaside

but this color is hitting the spot

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

whew! a great start to Wednesday morning!

glad i woke up early this morning.

had a nice cup of coffee with my mom
we sat outside, still cool from the storms last night
there were appropriate amounts of silence
and conversation
we watched the hummingbirds tend their flowers and sugar water
as we sipped from our mugs

i came inside to find my new enamel earrings were featured on the front page of etsy!
as if that wasn't good enough...
the treasury i made was featured later on!

good start to hump-day!
now it's time to package a few goodies
and then off to see my man :)

hope your Wednesday goes well!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

missing my studio.

it's 97.8°F and humid today

July & August have been nearly the same forecast
with the exception of a few select days

wouldn't be so terrible... but my studio happens to be at nature's whim
[no temperature control there]

and so on these sweltering days, all i do is dream of firing the kiln
floating saw blades through metal
and bring pieces to life.

luckily i snagged the opportunity last week
when a slight break offered up 86-degree days (two in a row!)

these were born:

they remind me of the ocean's secret waters
perhaps in a cove
where visitors do not frequent

doesn't that sound refreshing?!
perhaps a creative mirage
but i'll take it!!

enough whining, lynsey.

how about you? ...are you keeping cool?
or is the entire continent boiling?
what about you... in another country?


p.s. no developments on my parents
we're all in limbo
but there's a lot of love here
to keep us safe

... thank you. for your thoughts, prayers, and words!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

keeping steady - sand pulls beneath my feet

it's been a difficult couple weeks, and it's not usual for me to open so personally in my writings.
but i feel i must.

my father left my mother
nearly 30 years of marriage
completely unexpectedly.

(i was in town visiting when it happened. this is an extended visit on account of these events)
my heart aches for my mother,
who desires to grow old with my father

we are confused, angry, sad
emotions come in waves
ever changing

an image comes to mind:
i'm wading in the ocean
the tide rushes
sand is swept from under my toes
for a second it feels as though i shall fall or be swept away
then my feet steady themselves.

i want to be a rock for my mother
i wish to understand my father
it is a time of uncertainty
but i know we till get through it

may these muddied waters will grow clearer over time

for now we're hold on to each other
looking for beauty wherever we can
this was a lovely gift the other night: