Tuesday, August 10, 2010

missing my studio.

it's 97.8°F and humid today

July & August have been nearly the same forecast
with the exception of a few select days

wouldn't be so terrible... but my studio happens to be at nature's whim
[no temperature control there]

and so on these sweltering days, all i do is dream of firing the kiln
floating saw blades through metal
and bring pieces to life.

luckily i snagged the opportunity last week
when a slight break offered up 86-degree days (two in a row!)

these were born:

they remind me of the ocean's secret waters
perhaps in a cove
where visitors do not frequent

doesn't that sound refreshing?!
perhaps a creative mirage
but i'll take it!!

enough whining, lynsey.

how about you? ...are you keeping cool?
or is the entire continent boiling?
what about you... in another country?


p.s. no developments on my parents
we're all in limbo
but there's a lot of love here
to keep us safe

... thank you. for your thoughts, prayers, and words!

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