Friday, October 22, 2010

Fresh from zee Kiln

I'm infatuated with the autumnal colors right now. They're popping up in my drawings and definitely in my studio. so happy to work with a medium which allows me to try translating nature's colors into wearables :)

You can find them here, in my shop

Hope your weekend so spent enjoy the outdoors!
We're heading to watch my little brother play ruby tomorrow.
(likely in the rain and mud... which makes for an interesting event)


Monday, October 18, 2010

more in store: filling the virtual shelves

good news: these little beauties just hit the shop this evening :)

other news:. i miss my torch.
i'm bringing it back after the weekend.

the torch I use in the university's studio is out-of-commission
it's left me feeling unsettled and unsure of my technique
funny how quick i get to know equipment as a collaborator in the process.

i depend on it being constant and predictable
a flame to companion my work

yes, there are other torches available here.
however, these are far too cumbersome and hot for the precise work i need
i worry about disappointing my buyers

it is a heavy feeling.
i want each person to enjoy their purchase
creations from my mind, heart, and hands

can't wait to travel 200 miles to get that little flame!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

into the woods

i needed a getaway this weekend.
this semester i feel pulled in many directions.
- all i want to do is make art and be with the man i love -

nature has been a refuge. on days when i feel low. i head for the hills, lake, willow tree.
anywhere outside.
thank God this October we've been blessed with the most pleasant weather.

the smell of fall is something to look forward to
earth leaving us with a senses overload
before it hibernates

Patrick and I took a brilliant hike this weekend...
colors, sounds, and smells were incredible.

Patrick was a trooper. tiring of my taking his photo
(i can't help it... we only get to see each other on weekends during the school year. i need photos)


hope the season is treating you well!

Friday, October 8, 2010

weekend home

one (of many) great things about home is
having Lucy around.
Mom and I sat outside for lunch...
Lucy posing in the flowerbed, asking for a nibble

the frosted lips and hints of silver in her brows
start to reveal her age
but don't be fooled
she'll bolt for squirrels and whatever rodents dare the yard
and persistently ask to play frisbee

can't get her to hold still for too long
she was off with the curious sighting of a butterfly

quite a companion, thought i'd introduce her here

hope you have a joyous weekend!

Friday, October 1, 2010

must keep creating - nurturing the artist's soul

sweet sassy molassey - school's been uber busy this semester.
leaving me little time to hop online or the studio.
how about a few 12-hour + days in a row?

i'm making a giant effort to stay connected to my creative side though.
here's a recent happening, fresh from the kiln and into the shop

nice to have some new things to show :)
despite the hustle from here and there

hope you all have a fantastic weekend !