Wednesday, July 21, 2010

seeing it through - exploring new designs

this summer has been a welcome friend
one i haven't seen in some time
but the kind you relate to instantly
despite years apart

she's open and adventurous
no rushes or pressures

the luxury of playing has returned
and i DO mean playing
creating in my studio has been rejuvenating

i'm exploring new territories
and the excitement seeps from the kiln
fusing itself to the copper
existing almost as if nature
it was meant to be there

how's your summer play?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

soft summer whispers

i'm feeling more gentle than usual

wearing earrings more soft
beautiful shades,
laces and ruffles

these are my new little favs in shop
sigh... light, glowing, effervescent

in cleaning my old room at my parents' house
i came across some of my poetry
what a terrific reminder to set time aside
to observe and imagine

i'm hoping to write a bit more this summer
perhaps in my dainty earrings
with a glass of sun tea :)

hope your July is going swimmingly!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Queen Anne's Lace : ode to the fields of summer

one of the many things i enjoy about etsy is the option of creating
a tribute of sorts
to the lovely items and artists
a "Treasury"

inspired by last weekend at "the farm"
and the oceans of Queen Anne's Lace...
i created this collection:

now, i haven't created a treasury in a while...
but i have hopes this little beauty
may make it to the front pages
to be enjoyed by many!

hope you're staying cool!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

here we go : pictures from the farm 2010

finally snagged a few photos from our farm trip
the skies were endlessly beautiful

as were the bluffs, meadows, river, pond, and trails through the forest
and a puppy friend who found us along the way

i need land
exciting to think in the not too distant future
there will be a place of earth
where Patrick and I will call our home

Monday, July 12, 2010

a weekend of blue country skies

just returned from a lovely getaway on a remote Missouri farm

i n c r e d i b l e

the weather was more than cooperative
allowing us to flock on the path to and from the river
spend hours floating in the lake

and at night wonder how big the universe is
as our eyes ponder the Milky Way
shooting stars and planets

i wish photos could do justice to the sunsets and starlight

perhaps unrelated... but certainly an ode to the open blue sky
i created these enameled stud earrings
(of which i proudly own a similar pair)

i managed to use my beer to

any adventures on your end this weekend?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

pretty things before the weekend

catch a glimpse of these
my mother has grown the most beautiful hydrangea blossoms

and we're praying they are here next June
Patrick and I have set our wedding date for June 25, 2011 !

and wouldn't it be nice if these could make an appearance?
i love everything about these...
their petals, shape, and color

after some bargain hunting
my collection of tiny glass vases is well underway
ah, the kitchen is full of cuteness at the moment.

i'm tickled...

ah, yes, we Phelps love a good pun

hope everyone has a blessed weekend!
i'm off to a little getaway with some pals


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Walking Barefoot in the Grass : summer goodness

walking barefoot in the dirt and grass is something i long for
especially when i'm stuck in the city for too long
sometimes the will is so strong when i drive home from campus
i'll pull over to a remote road
open the doors and plop my feet onto the Midwest's floor

i'm not sure exactly what it is
but i feel more connected to myself
the world
and the people i love
so simple really
all it requires is a moderately picked up lawn or field
and your willingness to kick off those shoes
perhaps your sole will get dirty
but not your other one
if yours is like mine
it needs the soil

the tickle of grasslings
sunshine warmth

so thankful summer is here!

what's something you get the urge for in the summer?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

feeling sweet : new enamel post earrings

ladylike or daring?

perhaps it's all in the way you wear them

i had fun playing around with a pair i made (for me!)

a large enamel stud earring pair
these have my earlobes adorned
i feel refined... even the old shirt being worn

it's so refreshing getting ample time to hop in the studio
i want to continue
and discovering

armed with saw blades, files, and a kiln
i'm sure there's more to come
this summer

how's your summer going so far??