Friday, January 21, 2011

took myself on a stroll

the saving grace of this city
is the enormous park
(which i thankfully live near)

so on my snow day
i decided to take myself on a walk
through the foot of fresh snow

an awakening cold
the sun helped legs move

in fact, the longer i was out, the warmer my body became
even warmer than being in the apartment
my warm toes and fingers reminded me
i need to move more
challenge my muscles
at least use them

a little embarrassing to admit how little i use this body
yesterday served as a reminder
for the appreciation i have to propel myself on this earth

i vow to take more strolls
increase the breaks from school and work

can you believe the colors of the snow before sunset?
get out there and explore


Thursday, January 20, 2011

quiet snow day

Missouri was tucked in last night
i love waking up
dashing to the television
legs tucked under themselves as I wait for the alphabet to pass
ah, the fun part of being a student

how to use such a day?
art nerd: this lighting is PERFECT for photos
brilliant diffused light scattering the earth
and my windowsill

here's some pieces that have been awaiting the perfect day
to capture their details

i think i may take myself for a walk in the park later
tromp about in the fresh foot of snow
how do you like to spend snow days?

wishing you sweet marshmallows in your hot cocoa,
p.s. earrings are now in shop

Thursday, January 13, 2011

going through Customs : suspending critics and naysayers

creating custom pieces is exhilarating and terrifying for me.
i love trying to create something out of my ordinary.
pushing myself to new lands
but the challenge comes :
how fixed is someone's vision ? is there room for me as an artist?
do i know exactly what they're asking for?

and one i'm working on is : will this please them?

i've always been a "people pleaser"
you know, the kind of person who cannot say "no"
takes criticism a bit personally
i know these things about myself
they are things i work on

i cannot allow myself to let my worth be determined by someone else's value and judgement
let's face it: there are people who will never be satisfied by certain things
things they lack, i cannot make up for in favors, creations, or kind words and actions
so i should not submit myself to attempt filling such voids

if you've ever worked in a public setting (e.x.: serving tables, customer service, etc.)
you know the people who will not be happy
seemingly no matter what is tried, given, or otherwise
there is always something to find dissatisfaction in because nothing is perfect for them

time to let go of their dissatisfaction so it is not internalized as your own
i really do love making things for others still.
and remain trying my best to fulfill the request
i'm just leaving the attachment i have to pleasing everyone 100%

maybe this turned a bit far from custom orders?
but they remain this conversation's spark
here are a few i've created in the previous weeks

these were all happy customers.
but if they weren't - i still feel proud of the work done here

how do you deal with dissatisfaction of others?
chin up and nose to the grindstone


Monday, January 10, 2011

getting over the Sick

i'm trying to see this as a blessing in disguise,
with Patrick's positive spin on an otherwise miserable situation

2 weeks with a cold and flu is painful
but it allowed me to do something important:
focus on rest & relaxation

i oftentimes don't know when to slow
or maybe i am unsure how?
either way, illness secured a real "break" for me
(thanks, Sick - you know what's best)

the semester starts back today - my final semester of grad school!!
after a little R&R i'm beginning to feel ready
to push through to the summer
where many exciting things await.

hope you are all keeping healthy and happy!