Monday, June 28, 2010

Century Bike Ride: 100 miles of storms and sun

i underestimated how difficult it would be to ride 100 miles though.
(thinking we both did)

we began pedaling around 7:40am...
made it about 10 miles when a wave of severe thunderstorms rolled in
we sought shelter beneath the cover of a local's barn
(thank you, kindest sir!)

after waiting half an hour for the storm to ease
lightning and thunder passed
Patrick and i seized the opportunity to ride through the rain

we made it another 10 miles
stopped for a rest... and noticed Patrick's tire had a slow leak
replaced the tube and were off again
through the Illinois countryside

my legs felt great! we were flying past other cyclists
another 10 miles (or so) down the road
my revolutions suddenly felt lagged
where was the strength?
maybe it was the headwind?
i pushed on... hoping to overcome this stretch

then i looked down and noticed my flat tire
(it was a relief to know it was the sagging rubber slowing me down, not any lack of strength so early in our 100 miles)

changed. and onward!!

luckily these were our only two flats.
we pressed forward together
through pain
through wind
and sun

i found it almost metaphorical when we traded pulling and drafting
we can always rely on each other
to be strong when one needs support
pulled through something difficult

going it together

we do have some nasty sunburns
we're tired
but boy-oh-boy do we feel wonderful!

any adventures you've done lately??

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Urban Safari ::: handmade enamel animal prints

100% vegan friendly animal prints? i suppose so!
these little fellow are hand-painted and enameled for a superb look

in other news beyond the studio...
Patrick and I will be doing a 100 mile bike ride tomorrow
holy moly we're excited!!

i'll leave you with some shots of the new goodies:

see you 100 miles from now !


Friday, June 25, 2010

new handmade jewelry: fashion forward animal print

hello, and good evening!

hmm, perhaps i've been in the city more than usual?
i can feel it affecting me
i'm exploring differently

instead of through fields, old roads, and trees
investigating surfaces, textures, and patterns

still every city contains the essence of far off places
whether visiting the local zoo
or glancing at the fashionistas stiletto-walking past

the world constantly beckons us to search
have fun!

even in our day-to-day wear,
perhaps it's become tired
(mine was. plain. classic. safe.)
today, i'm daring to branch out and do something new

i spent countless hours in the studio hand-sawing each rectangle
and hand-painting these lovely patterns!
now my safe little wardrobe can have some edge

you have any favorite textures or patterns found in your journeys?


p.s. these will be listed later this evening ::here::

Thursday, June 24, 2010

stormy Midwest summer still sweet: blueberry skys

hello from the ever-changing landscape (or skyscape) of the Midwest!

my neighbors, bless their hearts,
invited me over to pick blueberries yesterday afternoon

(they advised i may wish to do so quickly as a(nother) thunderstorm would be rolling in)

i grabbed a small quart and skipped over to the blueberry patch
92 degrees and humid
the bushes were teaming with ripe berries
*pluck* the first one i popped into my mouth
and splattered a smile across my lips

thunder rolled
sounding like a gravel truck on an old country road
i crouched low to find a wealth of overlooked bunches
when a wall of cold air took the breath from me
with one quick push, my surroundings dropped 15 degrees
i looked up to the sky
noticed that it was the color of my blueberries

almost as if the Earth was being wrapped
the nimbus-clad blanket was stretched overhead
i ran home
trees bending after me

minutes after reaching the front door
the sky opened up
releasing waters from near and far

i think these swift storms are magnificent!
anyone agree??

Monday, June 21, 2010

summer inspirations

summer has moved swiftly into the Midwest
humidity lingering from evening thunderstorms
waves of sun-convected heat

despite the heavy warmth around me,
i can't help but plunge into the studio
(now that i have a little time from school)

here are some creations that have come about
thank goodness for maintaining so cool and refreshing schemes