Friday, June 25, 2010

new handmade jewelry: fashion forward animal print

hello, and good evening!

hmm, perhaps i've been in the city more than usual?
i can feel it affecting me
i'm exploring differently

instead of through fields, old roads, and trees
investigating surfaces, textures, and patterns

still every city contains the essence of far off places
whether visiting the local zoo
or glancing at the fashionistas stiletto-walking past

the world constantly beckons us to search
have fun!

even in our day-to-day wear,
perhaps it's become tired
(mine was. plain. classic. safe.)
today, i'm daring to branch out and do something new

i spent countless hours in the studio hand-sawing each rectangle
and hand-painting these lovely patterns!
now my safe little wardrobe can have some edge

you have any favorite textures or patterns found in your journeys?


p.s. these will be listed later this evening ::here::

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