Thursday, June 24, 2010

stormy Midwest summer still sweet: blueberry skys

hello from the ever-changing landscape (or skyscape) of the Midwest!

my neighbors, bless their hearts,
invited me over to pick blueberries yesterday afternoon

(they advised i may wish to do so quickly as a(nother) thunderstorm would be rolling in)

i grabbed a small quart and skipped over to the blueberry patch
92 degrees and humid
the bushes were teaming with ripe berries
*pluck* the first one i popped into my mouth
and splattered a smile across my lips

thunder rolled
sounding like a gravel truck on an old country road
i crouched low to find a wealth of overlooked bunches
when a wall of cold air took the breath from me
with one quick push, my surroundings dropped 15 degrees
i looked up to the sky
noticed that it was the color of my blueberries

almost as if the Earth was being wrapped
the nimbus-clad blanket was stretched overhead
i ran home
trees bending after me

minutes after reaching the front door
the sky opened up
releasing waters from near and far

i think these swift storms are magnificent!
anyone agree??


Julz said...

:-) Thanks for sharing your berry picking. I agree!

Two Bees said...

Living in Central Florida we get to see them almost everyday! I love to watch them seem to bubble up from nowhere, move across the sky then disappear! I find them dramatic, romantic and mysterious.
What more could one ask from a single afternoon?

Lynsey Phelps - VerreEncore said...

:) glad i'm not the only one who enraptured with these beast-like beauties!