Wednesday, August 31, 2011

3 years later

this piece has been patiently waiting
for 3 years

yes... i didn't have a clue what to do with it for that long
i coveted it. keeping in my creative spaces
places where i would paint, sketch, or hammer
holding it. turning it in my hands. wondering.

sometimes i personify objects
imagining they have feelings
i used to do this with my toys as a child
feeling guilty for spending more time with one than another

if this piece contained feelings, i think it would feel at home
these pieces of ribbon, metal, and enamel strike a harmony
as if they exist to be with one another

i am eased with its completion
a long time in the making
but well worth the wait !

do you have any projects on standby?
what's keeping you from them?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


i'm looking for a little more
beneath the surface of my flesh
into the depths of my mind and spirit

my jewelry is following the lead
something more
lingering quietly beneath

i think so often our potential is covered
by the judgment of others, past experiences,
and unfortunately our own critiques
but it still exists!
our potential will always exist

it takes courage and love to push through
and take a deeper look into what we can be
how we can live better,
love better

i believe love and acceptance can be contagious.
starting within
breaking the opacity and shining outward
our soul can then shine.
we can recognize beauty because we've pushed away our own fog.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

time to be bold

while the size of this little fellow isn't overpowering
the cut and color are strong
(i've had a thing for simple and bold pieces lately, yeah?)

i just returned from a brief visit home
i was able to visit my grandfather
(thank goodness he had a recent turnaround in health)
my parents, new parents (in-laws), brother and his lady,
a best friend, and man's best friend (Lucy)

but my goodness how much i missed my husband!
it was a trip where i felt reconnected to many things
family, friendship, and faith

i returned with a feeling,
a need to fulfill a deeper purpose.
push myself to connect further to the people i love
and extend myself to help those around me

Monday, August 15, 2011

on strength

personal strength comes in many definitions and forms

i want to exist unwavering;
bold and unabashed.
sometimes my self-critic gets the all too much
of my time.
she whispers words of doubt.
when weak, i listen too closely.

there is another part of me i wish to embrace more often;
a warrior spirit:
kind and sturdy.

i firmly believe that each morning we can make a choice
of who to be
what to believe
plot the course of our day

my 2/3's year resolution is to doubt myself less
to play more
experience what each day offers
and to be more bold.

these earrings are trinkets of strength.
the color reaped from roaring embers.
i will bare similar shields from my lobes
so that when i look in the mirror
i am reminded of the strength i contain
and choose to embrace it

what choices do you make to ensure a good day?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

giveaway notice!

if you reading this and wishing for
a free pair of handmade enamel stud earrings
you're in luck!

please zoom over to my friend's (Jamie) blog:

she's a new mommy :)
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these earrings are perfect wearables
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

*shooosh shooosh* dusting off the shelves

yes, it's been a while
since i've been settled enough to really pour myself in to my work

hear this:
NEW in shop today

i love where my work has taken me throughout the years
ever more so, i'm able to follow my own intuitions
to new frontiers

and golly, i owe so much
to everyone who has supported my work along the way
(so much!)

heading into the fall, my wish is to push forward
continue exploring in metal and glass
i'll try to invite you into the studio more often
and hope you'll stop by