Monday, August 15, 2011

on strength

personal strength comes in many definitions and forms

i want to exist unwavering;
bold and unabashed.
sometimes my self-critic gets the all too much
of my time.
she whispers words of doubt.
when weak, i listen too closely.

there is another part of me i wish to embrace more often;
a warrior spirit:
kind and sturdy.

i firmly believe that each morning we can make a choice
of who to be
what to believe
plot the course of our day

my 2/3's year resolution is to doubt myself less
to play more
experience what each day offers
and to be more bold.

these earrings are trinkets of strength.
the color reaped from roaring embers.
i will bare similar shields from my lobes
so that when i look in the mirror
i am reminded of the strength i contain
and choose to embrace it

what choices do you make to ensure a good day?

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