Tuesday, January 27, 2009

well hello sweethearts!

could it be that time again? i love you's, mushy cards, bouquets of roses, heart-shaped boxes full of mystery-middled chocolates?

sure enough. Valentine's Day is coming up quick. while there's no need to get head over heels with the commercialized hype... it's nice to reflect on what the day can mean to you and your loved ones.

whether you have a significant other or not,
keeping love in our hearts is one of the best things we can do living today.

so let your thoughts be courageous, words be soft, and your heart be tender.

i've included a few of my handmade heart designs here too. wear them in remembrance to keep love in your heart... or a sweet reminder to someone that you care



morgan said...

Happy Pre Valentines Day Valentine!
Your work gets more and more beautiful the more i see it.

Emily said...

I love the hearts! So simple and bright with a great feel to them. Looking forward to reading your blog :)

VerreEncore said...

morgan- thanks, valentine! xo

Emily- so happy you like the sweethearts :)