Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to Canada!

Here's to you O' CANADA!
I'll be wearing my sweet little maple leaf necklace all day, and for the occasion have marked it do [today only] by more than 20%! This piece is on special sale for today only to get you in the spirit of our great neighbors to the North!

A little about the pendant, it's a handmade maple leaf, which captures a delightful sense of warmth, color, and beautiful glow of Autumn/Fall. I've done this in a special transparent enamel, allowing a subtle shimmer when the light reflects just right.

Enameling, put in its simplest terms is fusing of glass to metal at temperatures of around 1500 degrees F.
The pendant measures just about .75" (shy of 2mm)and hangs from a 18" sparkling sterling silver chain.

Hope you enjoy the day!


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