Sunday, June 28, 2009

weekend shop updates

newly being offered in my shop

they're sweet & simple, like much of my current collection.
these earrings feature domed copper discs which have been enameled and suspended from handmade sterling silver hoops. i have a few colors, which i'll be posting here and on flickr.
my favorite is the orchid color. ou la la! they remind me of the delicate purple orchids that dance on my mother's kitchen countertops

the versatility and light weight make these a style for any occasion.
easy dress up. and easy dress down.
in fact, i'm thinking of making myself a pair for an upcoming wedding this weekend...

good idea!

hope everyone's having a good weekend! mine's been nice & slow. just trying to avoid the heat... minus my 16-mile bike ride yesterday

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Anonymous said...

very nice.
i love them :)