Friday, June 5, 2009

75+ hours of work =

one happy girl with 2 awesome brooches/pendants

yeah, it may have taken hours on end, with many mishaps, cracks, flows, and chips along the way...
but i have finally completed my two first Champleve enamel pieces!!


The first piece here is one that reminds me of earth. The photograph does little justice, but if it were a good photo you might be able to see the engravings I made on the bottom layer of fine silver. Here, I have engraved a rocky landscape texture, which shines from underneath the transparencies of the enamel. The layers of colors ensure that no area was left unexplored in the process of creation, and give your eye plenty to move around. I finished the piece by oxidizing the silver, creating a dark charcoal background, from which the brightness of the glass shines through.

This second piece probably took the most time to create. It's easily the most curious piece of jewelry I've made to date, and somewhere I'd like to continue to visit.
I decided not to do any engraving textures in the fine silver for this piece, but rather, let the coloration and lines of silver do all the talking.

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