Thursday, June 4, 2009

i'm making things again!

yes yes, it's actually been a while since i've had creative studio time. sadly, sometimes as an artist ou go through the creative ebbs and flows in the process. when i started grad school, it seemed that with time divvied between commuting, classes, reading, writing, and practicum, there was little zeal to expand my artistic horizons.

but now i'm back in metals studio, learning new techniques...
not the easy way (i never do), but rather through trouble-shooting and many hours of research and practice.

my metals skills were never top notch, so i'm brushing up and taking in.

these are some pictures of a piece i'm making in the Champlevé enameling technique.
these show you some of the first steps of the process.
just a couple little images show you the sketch that i first made... then hand-sawed that image in sterling silver... followed by creating a background for the pierced piece.
the two pieces of sterling are then soldered together, cleaned up really well, and then enamel is carefully packed into the recesses (or "fields"[champ in champleve]), and fired repeatedly.

currently, i'm guessing i've fired the piece at least 10 times.
all i have left to do is make the finding to solder on the back.
the plan is to make this a convertable brooch/necklace, so that its owner has the option of wearing this piece either way!

mind you, i'm planning on finishing this piece up today. it's been 70+ hours in the making.... so i've grown a little attached to it ;)

...more photos to come...

alrighty, i'm off to the studio! happy creating!!


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