Thursday, June 25, 2009

scheduling self time

i suppose it's not exactly fun to read about the ways an artist struggles to create, or find the time to do so, but it's something we all go through, whether you're an artist or not. honest. it's common in many facets of our lives: postponing enjoyment with daily busyness

how do we find the time?
how often do we say "i'll do that tomorrow." "let me finish this one thing i have to do first." "i don't have time to do that."

when graduate school began i fooled myself to thinking i would have endless time to also create. i've learned that i need to MAKE to to MAKE THINGS! something inside myself is fulfilled in the process of creating something new --- in translating a sketch (my sketchbook has been bursting) to fruition.

so how do i get there? how do i take my sketches and make them reality instead of paper dreams? seems easy enough, right?

well, i'm going to schedule studio time. while that seems basic enough, it means that i have a designated time where i don't have to do anything else but create. by allotting myself that specific time, i'm giving it importance, and making it something i can't put off or allow to be taken over by the daily grind of school, work, and life.

what can you expect? NEW STUFF!!! :)

(product photos from michelemaule & boygirlparty on Etsy!)

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morgan said...

you, a list? Great idea, cant wait to see what amazing things will come along.