Thursday, August 20, 2009

... chasing discovery ...

i need to exhaust my lungs today.
they miss climbing mountains.
cool water. fresh air. pine.
. him .

miles between here and there
sometimes i feel torn between the places i am
and those i desire to be
guilty, to not be content with the present moment

perhaps it is the impermanence of being a student
discovering what it is i call home
is it here?
where i was?
where i long to be?
at least i know when i feel at home

something feels undone
or unsaid
or perhaps undiscovered
as if on the verge of finding some great perspective
or new strength

today my body needs to test itself
sweat & breathe hard
i feel connected to myself that way
the restlessness will then be dealt with in my studio
perhaps it will churn new exciting creations

so by tomorrow,
i hope there is something new and exciting
to give to the world.

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