Wednesday, August 26, 2009

. allowing time .

with school slowly beginning this week... the calendar pages are quickly filled.
appointments here and there. school. assistantship *thank goodness*. practicum.
yes, sometimes i need to leave space for nothing else to interrupt

in a meeting today we circulated around the idea of seeing and time
how quickly our pace is as a society
as individuals
fostering the question :

do we allow enough time to really see objects in the world?

sometimes we need to slow down and truly experience
not take a photo,but instead take a moment to look
see. interact. experience.

these are the moments we live more fully
more so than in snapping a picture
or quickly checking a list

i hope that i can slow myself
be more mindful & in the moment
perhaps this seems unreasonable for grad school functioning?
but life is much more than books and articles.
life is to be interactive & engaging

hope you find time to slow down and enjoy and experience you days and nights



Emily said...

Lovely, Lynsey! I feel like I am only able to do this occasionally and for moments at a time but it is so deeply worthwhile. Thank you for the reminder :)

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Oh, such a lovely post and so necessary to slow down and experience life!