Wednesday, August 5, 2009

...and We're off!!!

this is it! my last breath of technology for nearly 2 weeks! Patrick and I are taking a week and a half road/camping trip together Westward to Yellowstone!
here's the parting image from dear Lucy (my chocolate lab!)

she spys suitcases and immediately knows something's up...
the resulting image: Lucy always parks it strategically behind my car so i can't leave.

she's also the culprit who pretended to have the urge to pee for 15 minutes as week promenaded around the yard's perimeter.

i will miss Lucy too! :(

anywho... just wanted to say fair-well & hope everyone has a delightful couple weeks!
i'll be missing you, but will be coming back with many a tale to tell :)
it's Patrick & my first trip out West... we're hoping not to meet too many bears along the way... only from a distance.

adventurously yours,


Two Bees said...

Have fun, be safe...and if you are back..."welcome home"!

VerreEncore said...

thanks so much! we had a wonderful time :) it's strange to be back and surrounded by corn fields