Wednesday, September 16, 2009

new places within art

'ello !
it's been a busy few weeks,
so my apologies for the lagging

tomorrow brings the bustle of school
at which, i'll be presenting some recent artwork
and wanted to reveal a piece, to you,
a piece i'm especially attached to
for me is represents what words cannot describe
about the counseling environment
its vessel, like therapeutic space is protective, but open
containing spiked emotive pains
a place to challenge
to experience
ages from perfect, i wrestled to create a flawless container
but life, however wonderful,
lacks perfection in our earthly realm.
myself, nor anyone else, can claim perfection

i thought about how experiencing difficult things
takes us to places we didn't know within ourselves
allowing us to develop
this piece too represents that exponential growing potential
when one embraces challenges and tenderness

hoping you all are able to come out stronger in times of difficulty

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