Friday, March 13, 2009


One of my guilty pleasures on Etsy (besides buying handmade goodies or course) is finding time to make treasuries! With school and 2 practicums this semester... it's made my timing abilities to snag a spot nearly impossible. So when I do get the chance, I've got to share the excitement!

Lucky me, stumbled into the treasury just as a spot was opening, and so this is what was created:

Birches are such beautiful treasures in nature, and it seemed fitting to create an entire treasury for them in an online space too. yay Etsy Birches! These artists all did such a wonderful take on the essence of these beautiful white trees. Some birches in the forest, some up-close with the grain, texture and knots, others with the flaky white bark, and even some soft cuddly birch pillows. Hope you enjoy the collection!


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