Monday, December 20, 2010

finally feeling Christmas

it's a hard transition to go from full-force school & making
to relaxing and allow myself to nestle in
to the holiday season

i always worry that "feeling" wont come
without fail - it returns like the Midwestern snow cover
12 inches of snow on the earth's floor helps
however, the greatest way to achieve that Christmas warmth
is thinking of the people I love,
the year's blessings,
and the lingering hopes and long-shots of the future

mostly those people who I care about so deep in my heart
describing it does not come easy

so for now ---- i'm enjoying the time off --- and being with Patrick, my family & friends

hope the holidays are finding you well,


florentinabanica said...

Happy Holidays!
Sarbatori fericite !

brittany said...

Lynsey, I share the feeling. The uneasy transition from school to downtime is strange.

Thinking of you dearly. Hope you enjoy whatever life is bringing you this season.