Monday, April 19, 2010

are you my momma?

i had so much fun creating this special custom necklace
for a lovely llama lover!
thought it might be interesting to show a bit of the process
(although i got excited at times... forgetting to take pictures)

1. started with a Sharpie and flat piece of copper... must draw llama!
2. drew a couple llamas, and was particularly happy with the little fellow on the right
(you can see i already began sawing the legs)

3. ACTION SHOT! continuing to saw the rest of the little llama!
i'm happy to report maintaining my one saw blade for the entire process

4. llama made it through! here's what the raw cut looked like.
afterward, i filed all the edges smooth (5.)

6. after filing, i took the llama over to the drill press... it'll be a necklace after all

i got a little too excited... and forgot about photos! as far as process steps i...

7. cleaned and dried the llama
8. put an oxide inhibitor on the reverse
9. sifted enamel on the front

10. popped little llama into the kiln!
11. waited for llama to cool
12. cleaned the reverse
13. sifted enamel on reverse
14. re-fired the llama....
11. and here's how the little sweetie came out!

i LOVE him :)
a hard piece to part with,
but he's off to a great home!

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Copper Diem said...

Love it! I loved seeing the step-by-step too!!