Tuesday, May 31, 2011

fresh perspective on weddings and marriage

perhaps it's the timing
my senses are pulling for the soft and showy
if our wedding were this week,
these blooms would most certainly make the cut
(from the garden to the aisle)
can you tell flowers are on my to-do list?

on June 25th, Patrick and I will begin our married life together
what a blessing!
i try to keep perspective amidst the planning and preparation
for our wedding will be a celebration of a new movement in our relationship

i feel many brides lose the bigger meaning of marriage and the wedding
they focus on the party and wowness. selecting the perfect colors, songs, and eats.
while we certainly want to have a great time with our nearest and dearest,
in the end, this is about a loving commitment to each other
to be supported and celebrated by us, our family and friends.
when i look at the "to-do list"
i like to remind myself of what is truly important
now and forever: us

supporting each other as we grow into a family
helping dream new dreams together
and realize each others' separate dreams as well.

i want our love to grow like a garden
enrich our soils and potential
till and pluck what does not serve in our best interests
so that we may grow more fully together
and in this greenery and fullness
let us share joy with others
our family. friends, old and new.


3LambsStudio said...

Exactly! I'm getting married next June as well, and I keep saying (probably ad nauseum at this point) that the important thing to me is the marriage - not the wedding!

Lynsey Phelps - VerreEncore said...

:) spot on!

i also see we share the same sweet affinity for peonies! do you have a garden?

Toyin O. said...

What a lovely post, it is not about the wedding, but the marriage you build together as a couple.