Friday, September 9, 2011

my heart in its core

when summer nods to fall, that's when i feel most in touch with myself.
do you know those days: when you feel more beaming and alive in your own skin?

i'm not entirely sure why, but the summer is always most difficult for me.
that's the opposite of many people whose spirits will damper in the colder winter months.

really, nothing has noticeably changed.
calendar pages, yes.
The rhythm of my day is familiar, typical even,
and yet, deep inside i always feel different come late September.

maybe i'm like an autumn fruit to harvest.
an apple or pumpkin
small summer tart growing sweeter in its core
my colors grow bright as the nights cool and the days are sunny and crisp.

i like to take full advantage of my spirit from autumn to spring
it's my time of new pursuits, adventures, determination
if you've followed my work for these past 4 years...
you may notice that new projects tend to bud most in the fall/winter months for me

does your spirit show itself more brightly at times?
can you anticipate when? are you a spring flower? a summer strawberry?


Sunny Rising Leather said...

When winter shifts to spring - that first really warm day, even if it's a fluke- I bloom :)

I am excited for you, coming into your seasons!!

Lynsey Phelps - VerreEncore said...

ah, when the sun returns from the winter's grey :)
seems like a perfect peak, Sunny xo

Jen said...

I love these!!!