Monday, February 9, 2009

... intricacies ... metalwork + enamel

good morning/good night depending on where you are at the moment :)

i'm being an insomniac... probably not good since i have a morning meeting and classes from 9am-5pm tomorrow, but that's not something to worry about till then.

i was just too excited not to pop on here and let you all know some happenings in my shop

slowly and surely i'm introducing some of my most favorite creations in the "Art Nouveau" section in my shop. there you can find these intricately focus jewelry pieces which have all been enameled. (some are even reversible!)

they're unlike anything else i've done. the details are unmatched.
an elegant silhouette. nothing too complicated. just a perfect handmade piece for any occasion.

of course i had to make some "test" pieces for myself! i've worm my on more formal occasions & casually... pretty versitle.

as always, i'd love your input too
hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



Anonymous said...

these are absolutely gorgeous! i love the delicate shapes made from something as hard and strong as enamel - it's a perfect combination.

Two Bees said...

What great saw work...they are just beautiful!