Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day... part 1: Preparation

hi all!

over the past couple weeks, i wanted to show you all the ideas that were rushing around my head, and slowly taking over my dinning room table and kitchen counters for Valentine's Day gifts for Patrick... but i didn't want to risk the chance of spoiling a surprise had he stopped by this lil' ditty.

BUT the gifts were given on Saturday night after our triple-date-day,
so now i get to share with you all :)

i wanted to incorporate at least one thing handmade by me. that was the starting point

you've heard of the fortune cookie company that you can request custom-made cookies, right?
well, i decided that i should try to make them all on my own with special hand-written fortunes :)
maybe it's sappy, but it's a day to show your love

so i found a recipe, and did a few trial & error batches
i suggest, if you too want to make fortune cookies that you do at least 4 rounds of cooking cookies & forming them to get it down

here was the final outcome! they look like legitimate edible cookies! yay/yum:

i also found a few guide books for the National Parks (we're taking a summer roadtrip to go camping/explore out West) & a pair of comfy hiking socks...

returning to handmade... it was fun making the wrapping paper. i carved a small heart into a wine bottle cork i'd saved. then i laid out some kraft paper and stamped the heart all about. came out really cute!

hope everyone had a good weekend, and if you're in love, i hope it was celebrated together :)




I just wanted to let you know one of your etsy shop items have been featured in my blog, you can view the feature here.

Samantha aka Wen said...

found your blog through etsy and I love the stuff you make. Lovely blog too :D

VerreEncore said...

thanks samantha! :)