Thursday, February 4, 2010

keep it like a cold

for those of you who are so lovely
i have a secret to share with you...
you don't have to keep it
actually, i encourage you to share it.

i've been a busy version of myself
buzzing in the studio
my mind eager to release itself unto creativity
and so here is a tiny sneak peek
into what i've been creating

both pictures are from upcycled metals i've found
and formed into beautiful adornments
these new pieces will be a part of my new etsy shop
featuring handmade jewelry in metals from copper and brass to silver and gold :)

more updates to come soon!

Stay Warm,


Retail Therapy said...

Love them! the top one looks like it would make the most delicious noise when being worn!

VerreEncore said...

that's actually my FAVORITE part of those earrings :)

glad you enjoy!