Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tour de Studio

Today, I'm opening the virtual doors to my creative workspace. When people hear "studio" what may come to mind are lovely lofts with historical stone walls and arched windows overlooking the bay, converted mills with picturesque sunbeam strewn floors nestled in the country, or contemporary vaulted ceilings with windows open to the busy city below. My studio is nothing like these, not nearly as glamorous, but does shows that you can have a space to create no matter where you live.

To me, an art studio is simply a place designated for creating. For me, the garage translated perfectly to fit all my enameling needs; away from food & water, good ventilation, good lighting, a power source, and plenty of counter space.

No, it’s not the most glamorous setup, and the good work days fluctuate with the weather; another reason I embrace warm weather. With no heat in the garage, even a 1500°F kiln doesn’t do the trick. It’s been a difficult winter, but I made the most of days above 40°F. Thankfully it's been in the 50's-60's. I've been spoiled, able to work when I please! Spring and summer are a welcome change.
In the picture you can see the counter top strewn with newspapers, the kiln with trivets resting on its top, and stacks of powdered glass. There are paintbrushes, adhesives, filing, and cleaning tools everywhere. It's an organized mess, perfect for getting those creative juices flowing!


Anonymous said...

I love peeks at other's creative spaces! Thanks for sharing the pics! The cold would have driven me crazy, but glad you made it through the winter!

Amanda said...

I'm wearing you right now! Um, that sounds dirty. Anyway, I got dragged into a game of Etsy blog tag, and I'm taking you down with me. So, tag you're it!

Anonymous said...

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