Monday, March 1, 2010

Good Things Come 'Round in Threes

Maybe it's that Patrick was here for the weekend
that i'm feeling particularly more thankful than usual

we walked for hours in the sunshine yesterday
watching owners play with their dogs (young, old, and in between)
and little boys fishing out abandoned freshwater clams
beneath the over-sized rocks we rested on

sure, we were splashed quite a bit
but all in good fun!

When creating and naming these earrings...
i thought to myself "what are sayings about 3's?"
"bad things come in threes."
now who thought of something as dismal as that??

feeling like much more good can be noticed...
I made these the "good things come 'round in 3's" pair

just a little reminder that although your life may feel sometimes
as though it is whipping and swirling
there are plenty of moments where you can look beyond
(or often, right in front of you)
to find something
pleasurable. worthwhile. playful.

Hope you notice many wonderful things this month!

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